Good Planet

Good Planet

In partnership with our suppliers and producers, we’re finding new and innovative ways to reduce emissions, keep waste out of nature and preserve natural resources. From minimizing how much packaging we use to investing in renewable energy and partnering to advance sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices – we want to help protect our planet for communities today and in the future. 

“To secure a thriving food system for the future, the food industry has an opportunity – and responsibility – to help mitigate the impacts of climate change and find more sustainable ways to feed people. I’m proud of McDonald’s commitment to accelerate action and achieve the widespread adoption of more sustainable practices, even as we navigate the impact of COVID-19. Drawing on the support of our franchises, suppliers and producers we can continue to build a more sustainable and resilient industry."

Francesca DeBiase, McDonald's Corp Executive Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer

Our Impact Areas

  • Climate Action

  • Packaging & Waste

  • Conserving Forests 


Climate Action

McDonald’s was the first global restaurant company to set a science-based target to reduce emissions in our restaurants, offices and across our supply chain. We’re prioritizing action in areas where we have the biggest opportunities for impact – including renewable energy. 

Packaging & Waste

We’re testing new packaging and recycling solutions around the globe to help us reduce packaging, switch to more sustainable materials and help customers to reuse and recycle. Today, we are approximately 78% of the way toward our ambition to source all packaging from renewable, recycled and certified sources. 

Conserving Forests 

We’ve set an ambitious goal to eliminate deforestation from our global supply chain by 2030 and are committed to working collaboratively – and urgently – to address the complex challenge of deforestation. We’re making important progress on the raw materials we buy in the greatest volume and where we can have the biggest impact: beef, soy for chicken feed, coffee, and fiber-based guest packaging. Our ambition is to drive transformative practices by testing cutting-edge technology, such as satellite mapping, and sharing best practices in our industry and beyond.