The classic has been remastered!

For the first time in history, McDonald’s has changed the recipe and production process of classic burgers. The recipe and production technology of classic burgers have been changed! The changes have affected almost all burgers, including the legendary Big Mac, as well as Double Cheeseburger and Royal Cheeseburger .. Changes in the recipe and production process are aimed at making the legendary burgers even tastier and juicier. So, innovations begin already in the kitchens of McDonald's restaurants, where meat is cooked using a new, improved technology, thanks to which guests are served hotter and juicier burgers.

At the same time, the cheese slices are also tempered in a new way, which leads to their faster melting.

New buns also give a special taste to classic burgers. McDonald's is now using more caramelized buns, while using a cooking method that browns them more.

Meanwhile, the Big Mac now has more sauce added to make its special taste even richer.

It should be noted that the remastered burgers are already available in McDonald’s restaurants in Azerbaijan, including McDrive and McDelivery.

These changes, in line with McDonald's international strategy, will make the classic burgers even more attractive to visitors.